Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wrestling Champ

The Slide Times reported earlier today that Tatum Snesko had been declared a wrestling champion having defeated her brother who had a disadvantage because he has been recuperating at his Nana's home from a lingering illness. We have learned that Tatum practices her wrestling moves with her dolly and her dad Stephen! How can you not be a winner!

3 Kids this week!

Chandler has been sick the last three days so two days he spent with me and the other day with his other grandma. Tomorrow he heads back to school with lots of makeup homework. Luckly his Mom teaches at his school so she gets all the make up quickly. Anyway, Cooper being a healthy one goes off to pre school so Chandler and Tatum have fun in the playroom this morning. Thanks Chandler for being such a fun big brother!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lots of leaves . . .

We have a huge ash tree growing in our front yard and every year we deal with raking and bagging the leaves. It is a job Alvin certainly doesn't look forward too but Cooper and Chandler have decided it is a fun time of the year for them. See the pictures of the two boys on January 11, 2006 playing in the leaves.

Thanks Gretchen for planning a play day in the leaves this year. It wasn't all fun though! It was "work, play, and more work (bagging)." After having fun they than filled 28 large bags with the leaves. Pa was certainly surprised and very grateful when he came home that afternoon. Thanks Cooper and Chandler for your help in the yard.

Friday, January 18, 2008

An afternoon party!!!

Alvin was home early this afternoon and Cooper invited him to join him for pizza and ice cream. Alvin changed from his dirty, muddy and dusty levis and settled down for an afternoon of snacks with his grandson Cooper and granddaughter Tatum. An afternoon worth documenting don't you think?