Sunday, August 14, 2011

More diversions . . .

The funeral is now over. The two boys had a very hard time. Tatum just soaked it all in and asked so many good questions. Hopefully tomorrow will start a more normal week for them. Grandma Sherry will be missed!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

A diversion . . .

Chandler, Cooper and Tatum's' "Grandma Sherry" passed away a few days ago after a long seven year battle with ovarian cancer. The kids are handling the death very well but also asking lots of questions which is to be expected. They have asked good questions and when answered explains death to them so it can be understood in their little minds.

Yesterday the kids were with me for a few hours and Tatum and I had been planning to have pedicures that day so the boys decided to join us when they learned that your feet would get a massage.

Cooper didn't especially like the pink chair he had to sit in. Sorry Cooper! He said the best part was putting his feet in the warm water. Chandler said the best part was having his feet rubbed.