Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Tatum and Chandler decorating heart "peeps". A fun and tasty project.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a conversation . . .

Gretchen had an overnighter with Chandler, Cooper and Tatum. She made pancakes the next morning. Cooper loves his pancakes and he and I have been making pancakes together every since he was big enough to stand on a stool and hold a flipper in his hand. I just had to put that in and it has nothing to do with the "conversation" between Tatum and Cooper when they were eating their pancakes.

Tatum: these are as good as Nana's. Even your a good cook Gretchen, better than mom.
Cooper: they are better than mom's but Nana is a legend with pancakes.

Isn't that the best thing he could every say. I looked for a picture with Cooper making pancakes and could only find one with him washing the dishes. BTY - sorry Chelsea.

Cooper turns 9!

Cooper celebrated his 9th birthday at his favorite pizza joint, Florendino! We all love it too actually.

And then cake with birthday candles and presents at Nana's home.

Happy Birthday Cooper - Pa and I love you very much.

New addition!

When Alvin gets in the shopping mood he buys. Unfortunately he doesn't get in the mood very often. Our or shall I say, his, latest purchase is an addition to our back yard.

Now he is planning to make some flower pots with planted vines to grow over the top. I plan to add lights. Then, we started a collection of farm animals that I love. They bring back fond memories.

Circus in town!!!

The circus has come to town for four years now and we went the second year and everyone had lots of fun. So, this year it was time to go back. The first time we sat in the bleachers but this time we sat row two next to the circus ring.

The fun part was when the ring master picked Carter from out of the crowd to go into the ring and help him find his hat. Carter was the perfect person to pick. None of my other grandkids would have done this I don't think.

The circus is set up in the baseball fields behind Chandler Center for the Arts. It is just a small family run affair and a very fun night for our family. 

Christmas Day!

Christmas morning at the Snesko's home opening gifts and eating breakfast.

Christmas afternoon we always go to my sister's home where all of my brother and sisters and their family enjoy a great afternoon. Not many pictures taken this year however.

Additions to Christmas decorating!

New bathrooms this Christmas so additional decorating.

Gingerbread Houses

To continue with a holiday tradition we made our gingerbread houses again. There was a big difference in maturity of decorating compared to last year.


We spent Thanksgiving this year with our dinner on our patio. We had beautiful weather and great family attending.