Saturday, April 6, 2013

Alvin's Ceramic Chair

At the Chandler Center for the Arts on March 15 they had "Chairtable" auction for artist who had painted chairs. Since Alvin is not a painter he made his out of clay but it looked like wood. Here the chair is when it was first finished with no glaze.

And, the finished product and it sold for a very good price.

Cooper found a chair he wanted to bid on.

Everyone but a few, showed up to support their father in the arts. Thanks guys for going.

Spring jobs around the home . . .

We almost always drain our swimming pool each spring because it makes it is easier to keep the chemicals in balance. But, for the last two years that did not happen. So, this year for sure we did. Fresh water is always a little warmer so the kids jumped in.  But, still very cold.

And, Alvin put the boys on the roof with a blower to remove the leaves from the roof. They rather liked that job.

Moving Grandma Helen

We spent better part of spring break moving Grandma Helen into an assisted living facility. She was unable to stay in independent living safely by herself anymore. Actually the new place is only 1/2 mile down the road so it is better for us. Here is packing day.

Tatum is helping organize the closet.

Cooper and Tatum keeping busy. There favorite job was taking the discards to the "garbage shoot" down the hall. That kept them busy enough. While we were packing a gentlemen stuck his head in to ask if Helen was moving and we said we were moving her closer to our home. Cooper stuck his head out in the hall and said, "Actually, my grandma is loosing her mind." His comment was "yes, I have been noticing that."

The new place is a little smaller so we had to get rid of some more of her things. It is never easy - for her as well as us.

18 weeks of misery!

On November 15 I had a foot problem. This is what my heel looked liked.

 I was diagnosed with a "misaligned Achilles tendon". This was caused by a large bone spur on my heel bone that necessitated the tendon to realign itself to fit or work. (whatever)  The doctor said this was the worst foot problem to have. I got a second opinion and the second doc said the same thing. So, I was put into a boot to wear before surgery which was January 28.

The surgery went fairly easily. Not much pain but just a achy feeling all the time. The worst part was I was unable to walk on it for three weeks so I rode this scooter around for three weeks. I also tried crutches but just couldn't get the hang of them. After the first week however I did learn to lift the heavy scooter into the back (strong arms at least from Pilates) of my car and use the crutches to get to the drivers seat. That worked for the following two weeks.

I was than able to walk on it but still with the boot.  By then that boot was getting so heavy. I also started physical therapy. Another two weeks and I was given the OK to walk like a normal person but I had to wear a achilles sleeve. This is the way I looked at the end of most days.

Actually I am doing better. Twenty weeks and still dealing with a little swelling. It will be OK soon.

Another reno . . .

When you live in a home that is 32 years old you have to keep updating and every spring we do the next thing on the list that needs to be done. This year it was the wood floors that needed to be refinished and our cabinets needed refinishing, or refurbishing, or . . .

So, we had the wood floors done. It only took three days. A great crew and you can see they used plastic everywhere. But, we had dust every where ,

I was tired of messes so decided to put off the kitchen cabinets redo until next fall or spring, 


Tatum turned six years old and had a fun birthday party by inviting 10 girls to a "Stay Up Late" party. They were asked to come in their pajamas and the party was from 6 to 9:30 PM. They first had pizza.
After pizza they all made little dolls. Chelsea had previously put together dolls made from material and the girls selected one and stuffed them with cotton. Chelsea than sewed them to finish the project.

 While Chelsea sewed the girls danced.
Then they started making a necklace.
After jewelry making they made ice cream sundaes and blew out a cup cake for the birthday girl.

 They opened presents.

One final picture and it was time to go home.

 Tatum defnitely had a fun packed birthday party.