Thursday, February 25, 2010


I talk with the boys about the Olympics when I see them and yesterday Cooper said to me; "Nana, did you see that skier that skied with her legs like this," and he put one hand a little highter than the other. I said, "yes, she is Lindsey Vonn and she actually won." I tried to explain that she was skiing with a very sore shin. (and I proceeded to point to my shin on my leg) "No," he said; "she has a sore chin(pointing to his chin) and she protects it by wearing her helment."

Story told - what else was there to say!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Alvin has been teaching at Chandler High School forty years and I don't know how long for the Maricopa Community College. However, in 1985 they opened Chandler-Gilbert Community College and he has been teaching ceramics at the high school facility for CGCC because they didn't have a ceramic studio. Six years ago they passed a bond election (or whatever they call it) to build a new science and ceramic facility. This semester it was complete and classes for the spring semester are using this fabulous new building.

Today they had a gathering to celebrate the opening of this new wing of the college called "Ironwood Hall." These are some pictures of his new place.

For this semester he is super busy going back and forth from the high school to the college teaching. Next year he will only teach college and that will be so nice for him.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Disney Day!

Have you all seen the Disleyland television commercial for you to do a day of service and you get a free day admission to the park? Well, we were very aware of the first day you could sign up for this but unfortunately a million other people as well so it took us two days to finally get a project signup.

What you did was put your zip code in and the jobs available would pop up and you had your choice as to what you wanted to do. Some of our choices were serving food at a food bank, taking pictures of dogs and cats at the humaine society, cleaning library books, cleaning a park, moving furniture, give a lift to someone, a gallery interm, coach or referee soccer, yard cleanup or pick citrus just to name a few. Some were for a couple of hours and others perhaps took more time. We decided to make quilts for the Linus Foundation. There is eight of us and each person had to actually play some part in making the quit. Such as, shopping for supplies or actually making a quilt. So, we all did this and project completed and mailed this week. Now, we are ready to go to Disneyland in July for free!