Friday, February 5, 2010

Free Disney Day!

Have you all seen the Disleyland television commercial for you to do a day of service and you get a free day admission to the park? Well, we were very aware of the first day you could sign up for this but unfortunately a million other people as well so it took us two days to finally get a project signup.

What you did was put your zip code in and the jobs available would pop up and you had your choice as to what you wanted to do. Some of our choices were serving food at a food bank, taking pictures of dogs and cats at the humaine society, cleaning library books, cleaning a park, moving furniture, give a lift to someone, a gallery interm, coach or referee soccer, yard cleanup or pick citrus just to name a few. Some were for a couple of hours and others perhaps took more time. We decided to make quilts for the Linus Foundation. There is eight of us and each person had to actually play some part in making the quit. Such as, shopping for supplies or actually making a quilt. So, we all did this and project completed and mailed this week. Now, we are ready to go to Disneyland in July for free!

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