Friday, November 19, 2010

Downtown Chandler

Alvin and four other clay artists were commissioned by the City of Chandler to make tile for 10 benches, 5 pedestals and 6 tables for the new renovated downtown Chandler. They are located on Arizona Avenue from Chandler Boulevard to Frye Road. They are all different and show each artist's personality and style. They have been working on this project since before July and finally the project is finished. In fact, tomorrow the City is closing the downtown roads and having a "block party" to show off this new downtown. I like the look. The renovation was started because a new four story city hall was built. Here are pictures of Alvin's projects.

The first bench is in front of Serrano's Mexican restaurant and the design is of cactus.

The second bench is on the corner of Arizona Avenue/Boston basically in front of the wedding shop. He did this bench in conjunction with Sue Berzelius. Alvin made the tiles and detail and Sue finished it off by adding the color. I am not sure how to describe this one. It has lots of interesting characters, things, and etc.

The table is about coffee table size and they have chairs on each side for people to sit.

The five artists are Sue Berzelius, Kathleen Escobedo, Steve Fitch, Ted Wolter and Alvin Pace. Their company name is "5 on Tile". Take a walk thru the towndown and enjoy what you see. I am sure you won't be disappointed.