Sunday, June 24, 2012

Drum roll . . . Ta da . . . Finally finished!!!

We had our two bathroom renovated and finally I can say they are finished. It took four weeks for the guest bath and five weeks for the master bath. Every morning five days a week for nine weeks they were at our home at 7:00 AM to start their day. The crew of two soon became just part of the family it seemed.

I had before pictures for each bath but for some reason the guest bath "before picture" disappeared. I will just describe how ugly it was. First of all our home is 30 years old - does that tell you we needed new bathrooms. We had a pocket door that enclosed the toilet and tub area and we hardly ever used the door. The tiles we made as a family project and Alvin made the sink. As first it was cool to say that we made the tile but later not so cool. Everything was gutted in both bathrooms.

Viewing the guest bath:

The master bath - I do have a "before picture."

and the final product!

I have ordered a shutter for the window and I need a few more things to accessorize. But I love them both and couldn't be happier with the way they look. As you can see the grandkids like my new bath also. Tatum had four baths the first day!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY - Alvin, Cody and Stephen

Today is "Father's Day." We spend the afternoon as a family eating a great dinner (everyone said) and talking about our upcoming beach trip which is just two weeks away. The kids played together very well as usual. I am so anxious to see how they play when we are at the beach all together.

Not a very good picture of grandkids and pa. I certainly missed the better photo moment. Don't we always?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Diamondbacks games

When we took Chandler on his birthday to tour the Diamondbacks facility we purchased season tickets to the games. It was an easy sale because Alvin did it for me and I obviously didn't discourage the purchase. Our thoughts were we would go to the games we wanted to and sell the rest on Stub Hub. And, that was part of the sales pitch that Diamondbacks had partnered with Stub Hub to sale tickets. Well, that hasn't been so successful unfortunately. There are way too many tickets posted for sale so consequently we have only sold 4 sets of tickets. We also have listed them on Craigslist but those people want to pay very little. Our philosophy is if we get the chance to sell the tickets for a game we stay home that night. So, we have gone to alot of games so far. Before Alvin's classes were over he taught on Tuesday and Wednesday night so we couldn't go. Since the middle of May we have missed very few games. You have the option of turning in unused tickets for other games that you will attend. So, one night we took Cody, Chelsea, Carter and Cash to a game. Another night we took Stephen, Chelsea, Chandler, Cooper, Tatum and Gretchen to a game. The night the Snesko's went it was "Stars Wars Night". People were dressed in costumes and the players were portrayed as a character on the jumbo-tron when they came to bat. It was extra fun for the kids. Tatum was able to get Baxter's autograph on her DB shirt. The night Cody's family went they had fireworks after the game. For one game of choice we were able to upgrade our two tickets to four better seats up close. Now our own tickets are not bad, in fact we like them, but being really up close was very nice. We were behind the backstop and seven rolls back. The Diamondback organization have many things that you get to participate in when you are season ticket holders. Going to the games and doing other things have made the summer quite fun.