Thursday, June 25, 2009

Diamondback Game!

Even though the Diamondbacks have been doing so poorly I am still a fan. I haven't given up watching the games on TV and last night courtesy of the Brandon Webb Foundation we all went to a game. We lost but it was stil fun! Baxter made a visit to our section and "hi fived" Chandler, Cooper and Tatum and rubbed Alvin's head. Of course couldn't get the camera out in time. As you can see we were all decked out in our Diamondbacks gear.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Only a few more . . .

OK - I know I said no more swimming pictures but I can't resist this "cannonball" series of Tatum. She will do anything her big brother Chandler does.

Can't resist showing Tatum and the puppies in the waterwheel.

Kirk and Tiffany came over for an afternoon of swimming and hamburgers. Evening hours spent showing Kirk the fun of guitar hero.

41 Years!

Today we have been married forty one years! You think a long time and rightly so because it really is; but it really doesn't seem that long. Thanks Alvin for being such a wonderful and loving husband. You married me, and I found everything that any woman could hope for in this world.