Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

Backyard pool fun for the Pace's and Snesko's! The kids really had fun playing around with Stephen and Cody. Chelsea and Chelsea tried to have a quiet time on their floaties but that didn't last long. We enjoyed eating hamburgers and brats and baked beans and pasta salad. For dessert we had "Stephen's favorite cake" and ice cream.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Tatum's Preschool

Tatum had some end of the year celebrations and Chelsea couldn't attend because of her work schedule so I went instead. The Monday after Mother's Day they had "muffins for mom". We were served a muffin and they sang several songs. Tatum really has excelled in her preschool this year and has enjoyed every minute of it. Always excited to go each day and happy when you picked her up.
They had a "graduation ceremony" that I also attended. They wore a cap and gown and sang several songs, received their diploma and at the end threw their hats up in the air.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chandler's Piano Recital

Chandler has been taking piano lessons for a year now and his first recital was a few days ago. He did excellent and played four pieces. The last three were duets with his instructor. The instructor's name is Zoe Simmons and Chelsea took lessons from her when she was a little girl.
He played Forest Drums, Young Hunter, Russian Sailor Dance and Puff, the Magic Dragon. Chelsea tried to get him and her to play one of the duets in the school talent show. He vetoed that rather quickly. We were very proud of him!

Girls Trip

Gretchen, Chelsea, Tatum and myself went on a long weekend trip to the Orange County area. We stayed at a cute little cottage in Seal Beach. The town was charming with a cute street for shopping and lots of well manacured homes. Our intent in going was to visit the Long Beach Antique Street Fair in Long Beach. Alvin and I went to this fair last July and I was impressed with what was for sale. This time not as impressed. Maybe after you see something for the first time it is never as good when you repeat it the second time. We were there three hours and saw it all.
As you can see we bought a few things. We went to the American Girl Store of course and also bought a some more things.
We went to beach twice since it was just steps from our cottage. The first day too much blowing sand. Next day better.
Had a fun time but defnitely ready to return home.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hospital visit by three grandkids . . .

Yes, they did go to Phoenix Children's Hospital but not for being sick children. Gretchen works there as a "child life specialist". Some of you probably don't even know what she does and I find it difficult at times to explain what her job entails. I usually say she helps the sick children and their parents with ways to cope with their hospital stay and sickness. She needed to update some of the pictures they have on hand to show the children what a certain procedure involves. So, Chandler, Cooper and Tatum were the models for the day.
Gretchen works in the radiology department so that is why all of the pictures has to do with xrays and MRI's.
It was a great experience for them to be able to see the inside of a children's hospital. I just hope it never happens for real.