Monday, December 27, 2010

The Circus . . .

The circus was totally worth it! No bad seats and we chose the top row so we would have a back rest. Tatum stood up ninety-five per cent of the time and clapped with the crowd. She is generally so serious and again she was tonight but a few times she laughed and smiled out loud. Chandler I noticed was laughing a lot along with Pa and Stephen. Cooper was tired and fell asleep. Another fun evening. Here is a picture and short "blip" from the circus.

In Old-World Italian tradition, the Zoppè Family Circus welcomes you into their intimate 500 -seat tent for a one-ring circus. This magnificent show is propelled by a central story featuring acrobatic feats, equestrian showmanship, canine capers, clowning and plenty of audience participation. Giovanni Zoppè, the sixth-generation circus performer who plays Nino the clown, says the show aims higher than what passes for circuses these days. "We try to touch every emotion during the show," he says. "They'll laugh, they'll cry, and they'll feel for the characters."

Boo Hoo - it's over!

I hate that the month of December is nearly over. I really do love the holidays and our month of December has been especially fun this year. We had something fun to do every weekend. I already wrote about the play we went to at the college the first weekend and riding the light rail to MAMA art festival.

The second weekend we went to an "artist reception" at a gallery in Phoenix. The artist was a potter that works at the college with Alvin and we purchased one of her pieces for Alvin's Christmas present. Unfortunately it is still hanging on the gallery walls until December 31. He is anxious to go get it.
We also went to the Mesa Arts Center for their craft festival which was booths set up with different crafts. Alvin actually secretely purchased my christmas present there without me knowing it. He was very cleavor for sure.

The third weekend we went to our friends Sally and Rick Engleman who live on 27th Street and Thomas Road for their annual neighborhood luminarias display. Now this isn't just their street - it starts at 26th street to 30th street from Thomas to Osborn. It is lovely and every year these neighbors celebrate the Christmas season. Parties are held in the front yards, an old 1930 tractor and trailer offer rides to those that don't want to walk the streets and it is so festive.

And of course the 4th weekend being Christmas Eve on Friday evening we took Grandma Helen out to dinner along with Gretchen, Brian and Linda. It was a quiet evening. Christmas morning we journed to Chelsea and Stephen's new home for breakfast and opening the presents. Christmas Day we went to Jimmy Ruth's (my sister) for family dinner with nearly 35 attending. The little kids ages 8 to 3 had so much fun playing outside riding bikes, playing baseball, playing on the playset and hardly ever came inside.
The Snesko Christmas:

The Scremin Christmas:

Tonight we are going to the circus to end this holiday season. This is the second year the Chandler Center for the Arts has brought the circus to town. They set up their tent in the grass behind the arts center. Friends went last year and said it was great so we are going to see for ourselves tonight.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas around our home . . .

Some of my favorite things!
#1- my ornaments especially the felt ornaments that were made by my mother.

#2 - my Christmas dishes.

#3 - my Christmas pictures - some from long ago!

#4 - my Christmas pillows

#5 - my Santa collection

#6 - My Christmas stockings and my cards sent through the years.

#7 - my outside lights

Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Alvin!

Today is his big day. Not so much planned because he has to work until late evening. But on Friday night we all went out to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and then to the play at the CGCC Performing Arts Center. It was the "Christmas Carol" and I totally didn't think the kids would like it and fall asleep but they all stayed awake and seemed to enjoy the evening. Tatum has been talking about the "mean man." Anyway, it was a fun evening!

Over the weekend Alvin and I went to the El Charro and rode the lite rail to Mill Avenue Art Fair. We walked around and saw it all and didn't buy a thing. Monday night we got his free birthday pizza from Grimaldi's Pizza. Today I figured we would got out to lunch but he doesn't answer his phone. Typical . . . but anyway . . . Happy Birthday Alvin!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Condolences!

This is a rather sad but a good story to tell. You all know that I like birds. Growing up as a child we had parakeets and a minya bird that talked. My mom left him outside on the porch one very cold night and he didn't survive. My grandmother always had a canary. So, when we were first married I started out with a parakeet. Throughout the years it seemed I always had some kind of bird. Weather it be a canary, finch, cockatiel, amazon, concure, cockatoo, lovebird or a blue and gold Macaw.

This story is about Micayla our second blue and gold macaw. She was given to us by a school friend of Gretchen's about 15 years ago. This friend had inherited this blue and gold from a family member who was old and had been sent to a nursing home. She decided after a few months that a huge bird like Micayla was more then she could care for so called to see if we would like to have it. Now, I never turn a free bird down especially a magnificent one like a macaw. This is what she looked like.

It took a few days for this bird to adjust to our home and by then we knew we had a very friendly family pet. It talked and sang songs. It answered the phone, said spanish phrases, did tricks, loved to eat people food but was so messy. That part I didn't like. She had her favorites. I would say she liked girls the best and Cody was a pretty good friend but she did not like Alvin one bit. Through the years we all pretty much accepted her as part of the family. But, I think we all got rather tired of her too. She came more messy it seemed and when we went on vacation it was very hard to find someone to take care of her. Most people were too scared of her because she was big and if she didn't recognize you she would try to bite you. We had a high school neighbor girl that could manage her pretty well until the last year and she made several frantic calls to California saying she couldn't get her into the cage. The next year we got a bird sitter that was suppose to be good with big birds but she couldn't handle her either.

This started me thinking that we should find Micayla a new home and that is what I did. The bird sitter actually recommended this man that she knew had many large birds. He came to visit Micayla and wanted her. Alvin and I took her and her cage to her new home. I still remember her squawking so loudly when we left her. She did not want to stay there. That was 3 1/2 years ago. I have thought about her many times in those years but glad I didn't have to contend with her mess and her sometime very loud noises.

The guy that has her called me the other day. He wanted me to know that she has ovarian cancer and probably wouldn't live much longer. He said she has had several seizures and strokes and wanted to know if I would like to see her one last time. So, Gretchen and I went to see her. She didn't remember us, or perhaps she did but didn't want to be friendly in case we were going to take her back. She has had a marvelous life with this man. She has the run of the house. He was showing me his other birds on his porch and in about 5 minutes or so Micayla came walking out to us. It seems she spends most of her time on the floor of this bathroom which has her toys and favorite things and just comes and go whenever she pleases. The man has bonded so well with her. He says he can lay on the floor pretending to be asleep and Micayla will move his eyelid open with her beak. Wow - that is a little scary. She used to give us kisses and that was enough. This is what she looks like now. She actually looks very healthy. Her feathers were shinny and pretty and she seemed perfectly normal. Thank goodness we didn't see her bad times. He actually has put a sheet in her cage that was tied on four corners that serves like a bird trampoline to catch her when she falls. I guess she looses her balance and one of her legs gets stiff he said. I didn't want to see her like that. I am glad she looked normal and I was very glad I went to see her. Goodbye Micayla and Sweet Dreams!