Sunday, November 30, 2008

Santa Comes Early!

Santa Clause came a little early to Nana's playroom. This doll house is the one I wanted to buy last year but just wouldn't let myself even though I went back to Costco many comes to drool and finally I made up my mind to buy it and it was all gone. I even checked three different Costcos. So, this year I just couldn't miss out again so I purchased it. We can't call it a "doll house" though - just a "house" perhaps or better yet an "army barracks" with a pink roof because yesterday I went in the room and army men were sleeping on the living room couch.

Poor Tatum - what she has to put up with those two brothers. Maybe in a couple of years it can become a true "doll house".

Monday, November 10, 2008

6 States - 2689 miles - 38 hours 29 minutes plus food and potty breaks

Alvin and I returned a few days ago by Southwest Airlines after driving with Cody, Chelsea, Carter and Cash to their new home in Gig Harbor, Washington. This cute town is somewhere outside of Seattle.

It was a long drive but so beautiful after your left the LA area. At first you saw cotton fields, fruit trees, dairy farms and feed lots with thousands of cows. I thought of my dad - him being the farmer; he would of loved the awesome site. Then, outside of Sacramento it was rolling hills of the most beautiful fall colors. Pinks, oranges, reds, yellows and purples. Of course you have to realize that I have basically never seen the "changing seasons" so this was defnitely a site I thought breaktaking. I would recommend the ride to anyone!
Gig Harbor is a fishing town of about 6,000 and a tourist site. A beautiful place to live and visit. Here are some pictures of Cody and Chelsea's cute home. Lots of fenced in green grass for the boys to run and play.