Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Bee Envasion!

Does anybody know why bees continually come back to the same house? Here is our latest.

This one is on our patio. We have had so many bees in the past years I probably can't remember them all. The first one I recall was up on our clear story windows - right in the corner and up above our kitchen door. That meant even though the nest of bees was way high up we had bees around the door that none of us liked. Then, we had bees in our garage wall and Cody at the time had his business here in Arizona and he had to take the wall apart and remove the honeycombs they had made. Just to continue to move around the house we once had them in the corner of the front bedroom window. And, the corner of the front door. Here again Cody had to go into the stucco and remove them. By the way, he looks pretty funny in his bee suit!

Probably the most unusual place for the bees to make their home was in the sprinkler box that I wrote about earlier.

Cody you need to come home - I need a "bee man."

Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

Busy - Busy - Busy - but fun!

Saturday we went to the park on Lindsay and Chandler Heights and it is the perfect place for kids to roam and have fun! It was such a pretty place with the yellow flowers blooming. We spent the afternoon eating, riding bikes, playing ball, fishing, hunting easter eggs, getting feet wet in the water and just having good bonding time with the cousins.

Now if that wasn't enough for one day we journed to the ballfield for Cooper's first baseball game. We couldn't miss that - no way! I am really looking forward to his games each week. Chandler is playing football but no games for the day.
Isn't he the cuttest little guy - such form!

So, on Sunday a little more quite - dinner and than we ended up on the front lawn with the Easter baskets and discussed paint colors of course. Cooper picked "E" because it is red, Alvin picked "c" and everybody else picked "b". We are going with "C".

Friday, April 2, 2010

How do you choose!

Eeny, meany, miny mow! (is the spelling right?)
Blindfold myself - spin myself around and point!
Throw a dart!

This picture is for Cody. Last summer we had bees going in and out of our sprinkler box. Finally when it got cooler and they kinda went away early in the morning we sprayed stuff in thru the cracks and taped it shut. This is what we found yesterday when we opened it up.