Monday, November 9, 2009

Busy past weeks

Oh I am so glad everything that has happened in the past month is over. I can now sit and enjoy my time. We had two garage sales, I had a bad case of some kind of flu, photoshop assignment no. 3 due, Alvin home for two weeks for fall break, appointments, Gretchen's house warming party, inside of house painted, my sister's birthday, my brother's birthday, and yes, my birthday too. What a hectic few weeks. Now, time for new things - Christmas shopping (mostly done), wrapping the presents, cleaning the house from neglect the previous month and hoping to get all this done so I can enjoy time with Chelsea, Carter and Cash when they arrive next week for a 12 day visit. Things always get done don't they?

No. 4 photoshop assignment was to design a CD cover using three different images with a title of "Spaces in Between." I was so confused at first (not unusual) so I asked everyone for suggestions. A railroad track was suggested and I went with that. The three images I used are below. You can find stock photography on the web; some you have to buy but others you can get for free. I have yet to spend any money on prints I just search for free ones. I like what I did. Here it is.