Monday, December 26, 2011


We spent Christmas Eve at home and Chelsea and Cody and the boys came over for dinner and to open presents. It was a very quite evening but nice.

Christmas morning we headed out to the Snesko's for breakfast and opening of presents. We stopped on the way to pickup Grandma Helen.

The afternoon we went to the Scremin's for the gathering of my brothers and sister and their individual families.

I love the holidays and it is such a let down when it is all over. But, we move on and plan for the next things in our lives.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

New York City

We just returned from a week long trip to New York City. This is our second visit to the city and the last time being four years ago. I was really excited to go this time of the year to see just how decorated the city could be. I was somewhat disappointed. Now, that doesn't mean that New York City doesn't decorate I just thought there would be more. The downtown area near Rockfeller Center probably had the most and was also overly crowded with people.

Some building were decorated too.

Times Square is full of lights and people too but not Christmas except this one picture of Santa and of course "the naked cowboy."

The first two days we were there we walked everywhere. I wish I had taken my pedometer to see how many steps I had taken.

On the third day we went on the tour bus but it was the coldest day we had so riding the bus was miserable.

We started taking the taxi to the places we couldn't walk too.

We went to Chelsea and Greenwich Village neighborhood. Both of these places were exceptionally nice. The brownstones and streets in Greenwich Village were so clean and inviting. Lots of storefronts and people selling their stuff on tables setup on sidewalks. These areas are a little more slow paced and not many high buildings.

We went to places Gretchen had heard about like Magnolia Bakery and Dylan Candy. Magnolia Bakery had the most wonderful "red velvet cheese cake."

Union Station, Chelsea Market, and Bryant Park were all fun places to shop. All were what they call "pop up" shopping in New York. These are artist selling their things in individual tents or booths. After the holidays these "pop up" places are taken down. My kind of shopping for sure! Bryant Park had shopping, a restaurant, a skating ring, and a merry-go-round.

They do have Christmas tree lots in the city but so much different than what we have. Obviously because of lack of space only one or two trees are actually displayed. The others are still tied up stacked next to a building or fence. I never did see anybody carrying a tree home however.

We saw the Broadway show "Jersey Boys." Gretchen and I liked it but Alvin thought the singing could be better. I don't have a clue as to how he thinks that because he hasn't seen many Broadway shows to compare it too.

We had a wonderful time in New York City for the holidays. The weather was cold and crisp but we kept warm except for the one day it was 29 degrees when we were on the tour bus. Sidewalks and stores were exceptionally busy because of only less than a week left for christmas shopping. I was very disappointed in the windows of stores that we heard about being so magnificant. The inside of Macy's was beautiful however.

Again, Alvin spent every single day at the museums. We would always catch up with him for dinner. He says he likes the energy in New York. I do too. It is defnitely a good place to visit but maybe not the Christmas season next time.