Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Today is Tatum's fifth birthday. She spent the day shopping with her mother and she had her party last Saturday. She likes to shop so she is the typical "big" girl except she is only five. She likes her dollies and can play "house or school" all by herself for hours. She attends preschool three days a week and by far the most advanced in the class. She is a big tease with Pa and they defnitely like tormenting each other. She is fun to have around.

It wasn't her actual birthday so she didn't want to hear the birthday song until the actual day so she is covering her ears. Also looks like a little bit shy!
Opening presents from her family defnitely showed her maturity and more grown up from past birthdays. She had fun and loved every minute!

She loved receiving her new baby doll from Mom and Dad and boys straight from the New York toy store. Tatum and baby are so pretty!

I am glad you had fun Tatum!

Cooper's Baptism

In our church, when you turn eight years of age you can be baptized. Cooper was baptized a few days ago and than we celebrated with a family gathering at his home.

He received new scriptures from his Mom and Dad, boy scout clothing from Nana and Pa, and Papa John is going to take him to pick out a CTR ring. CTR means "choose the right."

He seemed very thankful for getting these gifts. Defnitely a cute little smile.