Friday, August 27, 2010

Little Froggies!

Usually on Friday the kids go swimming after school. That was the plan today as well but little frogs (about the size of a dime) were swimming in the pool. We had a huge rainstorm several nights ago so that is how they got in our pool I am sure. I can actually say that it rained - cats and frogs. So, we proceeded to catch them and put them in a bucket. Then we noticed they were actually sticking their heads above water trying to breath. We then thought they must not like the water. Have you figured out we don't know much about frogs?

When Chelsea arrived she called a fellow science teacher at her school and she said they were probably tadpoles yesterday and today were "Colorado bullfrogs" and would die if they stayed in the bucket. Of course the kids wanted to take these little darlies home and make them their pets. I thought that sounded like fun actually - a little Snesko home science project. But no, the teacher with all the knowledge said they needed to be in muddy soil where they could burry into the ground and also find food. Eventually they would grow bigger and we would hear their frog sounds.

With much talking and explaining, especially to Tatum, that they would die if we didn't let them go it was decided to release them in my flower bed.

Now - little frogs grow up to be big frogs. Do I need to remind my family that I have found many times "big" frogs in my swimming pool skimmer. They can't get out so you know what happens don't you? I wonder how long it takes them to grow bigger than a "dime."

I was actually curious enough to google "colorado bullfrogs" and this is what they write about them.

"Tadpoles may remain in the tadpole stage for almost 3 years before transforming into frogs. Adults reach maturity after 3 to 5 years. The average bullfrog lives seven to nine years in the wild. The record lifespan of an animal in captivity is 16 years. A bullfrog may bury itself in mud and construct a small cave-like structure for the winter. Bullfrogs are active both during the day and at night. Bullfrogs are very aggressive predators. They eat snakes, worms, insects, mice, crustaceans, frogs, tadpoles, and aquatic eggs of fish, frogs, insects, or salamanders."

So, maybe they will live in the flower bed for a few years before falling back in the pool. I hope so!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Final product!

Remember the lesson on throwing a pot several weeks ago? For those of you not familiar with the process of getting a finished product this is what has to happen. You make it - it dries - it is fired in the kiln - it cools - you dip it into a glaze - it is fired again! That is it and usually is at least a two or three week process. Depends on how busy things are in the ceramic room. Anyway, the kids went back to the studio weeks later to glaze their bowls and princess crown. When they were finished the first thing they did was eat cereal out of them. They were proud of their work.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Diamondback Game!

Gretchen called and said she had 4 tickets to last nights game and wanted to know if I wanted them. I said probably not since Alvin had been so busy lately. When she said they were on the first row I quickly changed my mind and invited Chandler and Cooper to go along. So, check this ticket stub out! Do you see row 1 - or row I?

Yes, it is row I which is eight rows from the front. Tickets go by the alphabeth in that section. We were kind of disappointed but like Chandler said, "these are still really good seats." And, yes they were.

The boys were extremely excitied to sit so close and had their gloves ready to catch the foul balls and even catch the t-shirts that are thrown. Unfortunately none came our way. However, Baxter did and that made the night extra special.

He signed their gloves and was very friendly to them.

He just kept hanging around behind us so I told Cooper to go have him sign his shirt. The first thing Baxter did was put his shirt over Coopers head and then proceeded to take about ten steps with Cooper still under the shirt. He uncovered him and proceeded to sign the back of the shirt. What a memory for the little guy!

It is just amazing to me that Chandler is so interested in the game. He really watches what is going on and asks questions about things he doesn't know and even does a good job of "booing" the umpire.

Cooper likes being there but not quite the game watcher like Chandler.

It was fun to see the "legends" run their race and then hang out among the crowd.

It was a great night but I am afraid I have been spoiled with the $150.00 seats. Get more Gretchen!