Friday, November 1, 2013


For this Halloween Alvin had to teach so I went out to Gretchen's home and we walked around her area and ended up at John and Jennae home. Lots of activity going on in her neighborhood so lots to see. At my front door I left a basket of candy with a sign that said," Help yourself but eyes are watching!" Surprisingly I still had candy left when I returned home.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Dracula Dentures"

It was a day during the recent fall break from school that I was entertaining Chandler, Cooper and Tatum while their mother had to return to a teachers workday. I asked them what they wanted to do and I was surprised when they said they wanted to make cookies. I have always cooked with the kids and often on the holidays. This time we made "Dracula Dentures". I didn't have the desire to eat one but Stephen said they were delicious.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Christmas Picture Shoot

On a dusty forty mile an hour windy day we ventured out to take our annual Christmas picture. Here is what you have to deal with in this hour long process to get "just the right picture".

I just get used to it every year! They are a fun bunch of grandkids for sure.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Food Truck

I don't normally watch the food channel but have lately since the Diamondbacks games are over and have become interested in "food trucks". So, I got the urge to seek them out one day and ended up at Power Ranch. They had four trucks along with their farmers market. The first truck was dry products for sale, second was the kettle corn and the third and fourth was what we were interested in. The "Grilled Cheese Food Truck" and the "Chicken and Biscuits Food Truck".

I ordered the "3 cheese with spinach" and it was yummy but as grandma always says, "it is very r i c h . . ." We all shared a dessert "s'mores" which was delicious. It was a nice change for an evening out and will try another truck some day soon!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

30 days of heaven!!! Our Beach trip . . .

Our family beach trips have gone on for eleven years. Chandler was just a little guy on our first. The first few years we only stayed a week. We soon learned that a week was just not long enough so started staying two weeks. We then figured out that three weeks would be better and that was last year! So, we thought this year we would try a full 30 days and that still wasn't long enough. The whole summer from June 1 to August 10 would be perfect. But, that will never happen. I am lucky and grateful for 30 days.

This is the first year in twenty plus years that Alvin hasn't taught summer school and that added a great deal to our summer pleasures. Even though he still went to the ceramic room to work on his own projects Monday thru Thursday it was on his own time with no student interruptions. That went on for about six week before we left for Newport Beach and again for about 4 weeks on our return before the fall semester started.

The first three weeks we were there Stephen and Chelsea and kids and Gretchen were there. Blythe came for two weeks and Cody and Chelsea and kids came for four days the 4th of July weekend. Alvin and I had the last week to ourselves which was quite, peaceful, restful and enjoyable.

By staying a month we changed places again to get a better monthly rate. Most of us liked it and a few felt a little isolated by the green hedge blocking views of the street and being in a more residential  area too. It was 121 steps from the sand, four bedrooms, 2 baths, large great room/kitchen area and green grassy front patio with a picked white fence. We all spent lots of hours (especially Alvin) under the umbrella enjoying the extra nice patio.

Alvin walked sometimes two hours every morning getting exercise and seeing the area and we biked a great deal as usual. I was hindered a little bit the first two weeks.

Bella got to go this time and she had as much fun as the rest of us.

The 4th of July the community parade and gathering at a park just a block away was fun. All kinds of "old fashion games" and face painting for the kids.

We decorated our yard and enjoyed the fireworks and our sparklers.

We made american flags.

We try to play games that involve as many of us that we can get.

We eat at TK's and Charlies' way too much! And I guess I need to add "City Donuts" across the street!

Alvin and I always go to our favorite place "Blue Water Grill" a few times.

We always check things out in the area which always includes
a visit to The American Girl Store.

Alvin and I took a hour long boat ride to Catalina Island. Never will I do that again.

And, of course the reason we go to Newport Beach is for the beach!

and, being with family.