Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We got an invitation to attend Tatum's preK "Grandparents Day" celebration. I attended and Alvin had planned to but he had jury duty instead. Anyway, when I arrived all seven of the kids were sitting quietly in their chairs around a round table. They started their snack for the day and Tatum served me a tiny blueberry muffin and a pumpkin muffin. I could of had juice or milk to drink but had my water instead.

After snacks they sang a couple of songs and did a drawing project. Actually Tatum was the only one out of the seven that stayed within the lines when coloring. Her teacher said she was very mature. After the coloring I was asked by Miss Kristine, the teacher, if I would like to read a book to the class. Sure I could do that and the kids were very attentive to my reading a book about the different color of crayons. It was time to go home after that.

I think it was great that her school honored grandparents this day. Unfortunately I was the only grandparent there.