Thursday, October 20, 2011

Loosing weight slowly!

For five weeks now I have been on a rather restricted weight loss program and even though the weight is coming off very slowly I am still trudging along with 100 percent commitment. It has been very hard at times like this week I took the kids to their favorite pizza joint, Floridino's Pizza, for lunch. I love pizza and to sit and have the pizza starring at you while you eat lettuce and chicken is pure torture.

Another day we went to Starbucks for Cooper's favorite double chocolate chip frappuccino. Passing three of those to the back seat was again torture.

And than a few days later Alvin wanted some yogurt so we went to our favorite place, Yo Love Yogurt and I actually sat at the table and watched him eat his favorite of chocolate and mint with oreoes on top. I wasn't even tempted.

So, you can see I am doing pretty good - EXCEPT - the day I was on a personal food blog and she was mentioning her favorite peanut butter. Have you ever tried this?

I tried it and you must try it too!!! I went to the grocery store and bought this jar of peanut butter. I was home alone and I had my spoon and my jar and I ate the whole jar by the time the evening was over. It tastes like a peanut butter cup. So, I blew it and defnitely can not buy right now that dreamy chocolate peanut butter. Alvin and I figured out the whole jar was three days worth of calories. But I am back on track!!

The exciting thing is this peanut butter company actually have a store front in New York City called Peanut Butter and Co.. I am defnitely going to check this place out when we are in New York in December. Their menu looks so goooooooood!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

GO Diamondbacks . . .

We have gone to two Diamondback games in the past two weeks. The first was the Saturday night after they had clinched the National League Division Series title and it was amazing. The crowd was 49,000 plus and a very exciting game which we won. That was the night that the lights went out at Chase Field from a storm. We sat in a very dim arena for 28 minutes. Very few left early because of the excitment.

Last night we went to the fourth game of the division series and we won thank goodness! But, we still have to go back to Milwaukee and play the one last game since the series is tied at 2 and 2. Diamondbacks will win!

We had good seats. Thanks to Alvin for splurging on my early birthday present.

My favorite player - Gerardo Parra - except he hasn't hit so well the last few games.

The crowd!

The end of the game - Diamondbacks 10, Brewers 6!