Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Photoshop getting easier!

Here is part of my first assignment for my class. We are doing an autobiography so I thought it fitting to pick our wedding photo of 41 years ago. I finally this week feel so much better about the class and the instructor doesn't ignore me anymore. So, things are looking up.

I have corrected 12 pictures total for this assignment and I am keeping up with the rest of the class quite remarkably. I am actually finding it rather easy. Next week we are putting those 12 pictures on a web page. That might be interesting!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthdays!!!

Today is Gretchen's birthday - Happy Birthday Gretchen - and two days ago was Stephen's birthday - Happy past Birthday Stephen!

We had a good Labor Day weekend. Or at least I did. Alvin worked in the yard for a total of 11 hours plus hiring a man to work along side of him for the same amount of time. He finally came to his senses and decided to get some help with our yard. Needless to say the front and back are both clean and trimmed. I just wish it could stay that way.

We celebrated Stephens birthday with dinner on Sunday evening. Beef Madagascar, cheesy onion bake, baked potatoes, buttered peas and rolls. Of course we had "Stephen's favorite cake" for dessert. Good food, good kids, good puppies and good company!

Monday late afternoon we went to Oreganoes in Gilbert to celebrate Gretchen's birthday. I actually have photoshop class tonight so that spoiled having her dinner on her exact day. The pizza and salad were good. The kids actually gave a thumbs up for the pizza which is not always the case. Cooper would be a good taste tester for the "perfect tasting pizza." Then we went back to Gretchen's new home to have cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory. A perfect relaxing afternoon and evening.

I have been spending most of my weekends lately helping Gretchen get organized in her home. She is almost there - so exciting to see everything find its right place and to see things hung on the walls and new light fixtures and fans finally installed.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am a STUDENT again . . .

Photoshop ia a graphics editing program.

I have enrolled in a photoshop class, ART 177, at Chandler Gilbert Community College. Now this is not like the "rinkydink" 3 week class I took last year that was a waste of my time. This one is a true college class that lasts until December 15 and meets twice a week for 3 hours each and than you have homework on top of that and you get a grade. Actually I opted out of getting a grade - I will just get a pass or fail! Quite a commitment even at that I think.

So, we have met three times already and of course I am the oldest one in the class and the others are typical young college students along with some thirty and forty years old. Being the oldest in the class my instructor asked why I was taking the class and has since singled me out in different situations. I am positive he thinks of me as an older lady that doesn't have much computer knowledge. He even told me that after the first assignment I might have learned all I need to learn for what I want to do with it and than just quit coming if I wanted too. Now that wasn't an appreciated comment! So, I am determined to show him I can hold my own in his class. By the way, Alvin and my instructor are colleagues and that gives a whole new twist to the situation.