Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am a STUDENT again . . .

Photoshop ia a graphics editing program.

I have enrolled in a photoshop class, ART 177, at Chandler Gilbert Community College. Now this is not like the "rinkydink" 3 week class I took last year that was a waste of my time. This one is a true college class that lasts until December 15 and meets twice a week for 3 hours each and than you have homework on top of that and you get a grade. Actually I opted out of getting a grade - I will just get a pass or fail! Quite a commitment even at that I think.

So, we have met three times already and of course I am the oldest one in the class and the others are typical young college students along with some thirty and forty years old. Being the oldest in the class my instructor asked why I was taking the class and has since singled me out in different situations. I am positive he thinks of me as an older lady that doesn't have much computer knowledge. He even told me that after the first assignment I might have learned all I need to learn for what I want to do with it and than just quit coming if I wanted too. Now that wasn't an appreciated comment! So, I am determined to show him I can hold my own in his class. By the way, Alvin and my instructor are colleagues and that gives a whole new twist to the situation.

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