Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cousin Time!

When we left Newport Beach and returned to hot Arizona Chelsea, Carter and Cash also returned to Chandler to spend time with her family. Cody headed back to Washington to work. (poor guy) Chandler and Cooper spent a few days out of town with their other grandma so when school finally started and a routine was established the cousins were able to play together. They were genuinely excited to see other and played together so well. Here is a dress up afternoon in the playroom.

Chelsea and the boys left this week to go back home. We are going to miss you Carter and Cash and thanks for spending time with us both at the beach and in Arizona. We love you!

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Chelsea said...

I'm glad to know Jillie dropped off the disc! Thanks for a wonderful month of fun!! We love and miss you tons already!!
We picked tons of blackberries today, and we have a dump style berry cake about done in the oven. We think you need to make a visit asap :) The weather is INCREDIBLE. Not trying to rub it in...just trying to convince you that you need a vacation!! :)