Monday, February 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Tatum turned four years old today. She had family over to open presents and eat cake and ice cream. She loved it all of course.

This is Tatum last year when she was three. Not a whole lot of change. She is a big girl for her age. She still likes the princess stuff and new cloths. She changes her preferences in clothing almost weekly. Some week only jeans but maybe the next week it will be dresses. She is very picky and tells you what she likes and dislikes. She likes her park and recreation classes she attends. Doesn't matter what it is she just likes to go and do whatever. She loves shoes and has quite a few. These sketchers that light up were her birthday wish. Of course she got them and was so proud.

Cake was very colorful and yummy!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back in business . . .

The middle of January I put the eleven remaining purses I had left in a gallery in Phoenix called "Practical Art". I received my first comission check in the mail so now I am excited to start knitting again.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Best Party Ever . . .

Cooper's 7th birthday party was held at his "Pa's" ceramic studio at CGCC. They first decorated aprons to keep themselves clean because of the events that were taking place.

Once the aprons were on they made pizza - individual pizza and everyone made their own.

When the pizzas were made they carried them out to the kiln area and put them on the kiln shelves. They were ready to eat in 3 minutes.

Then we ate!

We had cake!

After eating Pa gave them each some wet clay to play around with. Some made things and others just liked slamming it on the table.

And finally time was about up so Cooper opened some great presents!

It was a fun night and when we walked out to our cars, Cooper said, "Thank you Pa, that was the best birthday party ever."

Friday, February 11, 2011

Keeping Busy!

We have been keeping Tatum busy since the new year started. Through the Chandler Parks and Recreation she takes "dancing" on Monday, an "ABC - 123" class on Tuesday and Wednesday and numerous classes on Friday that interest her. Some have been cooking, reading, arts and crafts and the last two Fridays we were enrolled in a paper mache' class. I forgot my camera the first time we went when we made the form to make a "heart" for Valentines's Day. Then we made the flour/glue paste and mushed up newspapers to cover the heart. We than took it home and set it in the sun every day to let it dry.

So, today we went back to decorate the heart. This is what we did.

We mixed just glue and water this time and wadded up little bits of pink tissue paper and glued them onto the heart. When all covered with the pink we added shinny jewells and glitter. She really had fun and her "heart" was really into this project.

The class was held at the Environmental Education Center at Vererans Oasis Park. Tatum really likes this place. It is a must that you look at the snakes, scorpins, frogs, and bugs in these cages inside the facility. It really is an interesting place. Outside is a lake where people fish and walk and ride bikes. We had to go check out the fish. You couldn't see any in the water and the fishermen that she talked with said they hadn't caught much this week. She made friends with some snowbirds from Indiana that showed her the big worms that they used for their bait. They gave her dried corn and some fish crackers to feed the ducks. She petted a 3 month old big puppy and just didn't want to go home. She nearly told the snowbird lady her life story and the lady was so nice to her. They left first and finally we walked back to the car. Tatum said, "I want a pink fishing pole for my birthday." That would be fine but I am afraid she would have to find a fishing buddy because I don't do worms.

If only my mother was alive. She would sit by that lake (even though she preferred streams) with Tatum for as long as was needed and put those creepy worms on her hook. I remember when Alvin and I were in college before we married we went to Pinetop to our summer home. We went fishing with my mother and she put the worm on Alvin's hook. Can't remember if he caught a fish!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A conversation . . .

When Chandler, Tatum and I were in the kitchen making the cupcakes the other day I am not sure exactly how this conversation got started but it was too cute to not document.

I have a chef sitting on my island and it has a name of "Nello" because the owner of Nellos's Pizza gave it to me. The skin color is a little bit brown in color. Defnitely darker than a typical Italian I think.

Tatum (nearly 4) said, "That looks like a Mexican." Chandler and I agreed with her and added a few comments to her noticing, and even talking, about bringing up such an odd thing. So, I thought this was a good opportunity to bring up about the world was full of all kinds of different skin tones and I pointed out my "Aunt Jemima" on my top shelf and her skin being even darker. I told her that she was an African American because of her dark skin color and that there were all kinds of different nationalities in our world. The next thing Chandler said was, "We have chickens too!"

Yes, I have chickens but what does that do with the topic of different races of people?????