Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday celebration

Cash turned 6 years old the end of June and continuing our celebration of birthdays with our grandchildren we took Cash to the Acquarium which is at Arizona Mills. He picked the place the visit, the restaurant to eat at and then his present. The acquarium was a good choice for him because he sure does love those fish. That must be from living in Washington those three years. It was very pretty.

He chose the Cheesecake Factory to eat and I don't think he had ever been there before. It was a delicious choice of course and after his meal we had cheesecake.

Then off to Best Buy to look for a present. He knew exactly what he wanted and where it was located in the store. I guess he had scoped out the place the night before.

We all had fun celebrating Cash's birthday. We love you Cash!

The final touch . . .

The last thing to finish off the master bathroom was the shutters. They look fantastic and added a great final touch. I love my bathroom!