Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Gretchen and Stephen

Stephen's birthday is September 6 and Gretchen's birthday is September 8. We celebrated at Rustler's Roost which is a cowboy type place. The last time we were there was probably 20 years ago. I remembered there was a slide you went down to get to your table but we didn't do that because our table was on the top floor which had a marvelous view. After we ordered we went down the slide and again after we ate. Downstairs where you end up after going down the slide is a dance floor with a very good western band playing. Alvin was in hog heaven so we had to dance. I think the grandkids were a little embrassed to see us out their swinging around. I kept loosing my shoes - wasn't planning to dance!

It was a really fun place to go. The kids had a great time on the slide and the bull outside was a good attraction too. Food was just "OK".

BTW - The bear was a school project that you take him where ever you go and than write about it.

Tatum's First Day of Kindergarten

She was so excited to go to school and so ready too! I picked them up after class and this is what she said about her first day. (l) she didn't get to eat all of her lunch because time ran out. (2) she was so hot at recess she took her shoes off. (3) she really didn't like listening to her teacher spend so much time going over the rules. (4) she was really disappointed she didn't have homework.

The next day I also picked them up. She had fun going through her backpack and showing me the things she had in it and some things she had done. They wear uniforms to school and she seems pretty proud of what she wears.

The Beach

This year at the beach we had a new beach house to move into. It was a four bedroom and four bath place with lots of kitchen and living room space plus a great front patio and great side space for our bikes and toys. Plus, we were there for three weeks this time. Chelsea, Stephen, Chandler, Cooper, Tatum, Gretchen and Blythe were there the first and second weeks and Cody, Chelsea, Carter and Cash were there the second and third week. So, we only had one week of five routy grandkids having fun together.

Beach time seems to be pretty much the same year after year. Everyone pretty much do what they want to do. Some went to Disneyland while others went to Lego Land. Alvin and I did neither; we stayed home and rode our bikes most of the day. We went to Balboa Island and later rode our bike to a great fish place we always try to go too at least once.

Alvin and I often sneak away and head to Charlie Chilie's for breakfast. They have yummy food plus you sit outside near the pier and watch the people go by.

Of course we always take our almost hour drive to The Grove shopping mall to visit the American Girl Store. The boys are always so nice to let Tatum spend a good amount of time shopping her store.

After lunch at the mall the boys event for the day was the Guinnes World Record Museum. Alvin and I ended up taking them to this because everyone else had tickets to the Jimmy Kimmel show and had to get in line around 3:00. The museum was actually quite interesting. Saw everything from long fingernails to the longest hit ball in baseball. It was defnitely a fun place for the boys.

Alvin and I ride our bikes everyday and the kids were on the skooters racing around the block quite a bit. One day most of us road our bikes down to the park. The map of the United States and it was fun to see how many of the states they knew. It was surprising that Tatum knew quite a few.

Some late afternoons you could find us relaxing on the patio or playing games.

On the 4th of July this year they had a parade and a carnival type gathering at a park close by. There was food to buy and games to play. It was a very festive event planned for families. Next year we need to get a little more in the spirit and decorate our bikes and ourselves. The lady below we didn't know but graciously allowed me to take her picture.

We always have some planned things for the kids to do. This year Chelsea had purched tshirts and the kids put a beach design on their shirts.

Gretchen and Blythe planned a game looking for clues up and down the block with each clue telling you to go to the next clue. They ended by making suckers. 

My project was painting a picture of a tiger on a small canvas and when it was dry they had to add the lines of the tiger with black yarn. Yes, boys did a sewing project and all had lots of fun.

Of course the beach is the reason we go to Newport every year so lots of fun times in the water. Chandler and Carter really like the water the best out of the kids. Cooper is getting more interested every year. Cash and Tatum like the sand. Alvin's big purchase this year was a bigger board and a wetsuit. Shall I say he just looked beautiful in that suit. The big guys had fun with the big waves and Alvin had to be rescued by a lifeguard when the under tow kept pushing him out. So, it does happen!

 Alvin and I do things by ourselves and it usually involves something with ceramics. This year we went to the Laguna Fine Arts Festival. They have booths set up with paintings, sculpture, and ceramics. They have a grassy area with tables and in the evening they had a band playing. I sat and listened while Alvin talked to people who had art in the show. He really likes doing that!

I am never ready to pack up and head home. It is just peaceful their with not a care in the world. We do whatevery we want everyday. Can't wait until 2013 - we are spending a month!