Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Gretchen and Stephen

Stephen's birthday is September 6 and Gretchen's birthday is September 8. We celebrated at Rustler's Roost which is a cowboy type place. The last time we were there was probably 20 years ago. I remembered there was a slide you went down to get to your table but we didn't do that because our table was on the top floor which had a marvelous view. After we ordered we went down the slide and again after we ate. Downstairs where you end up after going down the slide is a dance floor with a very good western band playing. Alvin was in hog heaven so we had to dance. I think the grandkids were a little embrassed to see us out their swinging around. I kept loosing my shoes - wasn't planning to dance!

It was a really fun place to go. The kids had a great time on the slide and the bull outside was a good attraction too. Food was just "OK".

BTW - The bear was a school project that you take him where ever you go and than write about it.

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