Saturday, April 6, 2013

18 weeks of misery!

On November 15 I had a foot problem. This is what my heel looked liked.

 I was diagnosed with a "misaligned Achilles tendon". This was caused by a large bone spur on my heel bone that necessitated the tendon to realign itself to fit or work. (whatever)  The doctor said this was the worst foot problem to have. I got a second opinion and the second doc said the same thing. So, I was put into a boot to wear before surgery which was January 28.

The surgery went fairly easily. Not much pain but just a achy feeling all the time. The worst part was I was unable to walk on it for three weeks so I rode this scooter around for three weeks. I also tried crutches but just couldn't get the hang of them. After the first week however I did learn to lift the heavy scooter into the back (strong arms at least from Pilates) of my car and use the crutches to get to the drivers seat. That worked for the following two weeks.

I was than able to walk on it but still with the boot.  By then that boot was getting so heavy. I also started physical therapy. Another two weeks and I was given the OK to walk like a normal person but I had to wear a achilles sleeve. This is the way I looked at the end of most days.

Actually I am doing better. Twenty weeks and still dealing with a little swelling. It will be OK soon.

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