Thursday, August 16, 2007

I am Not 40 Years Old!

No, I 'm not forty and would I really want to be? Probably not! It means that Alvin and I will celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary next year. To us that is pretty good and the years have been full of joy, with a few ups and downs scattered about, but always filled with love.

Why do I have a blog? I guess because my children thought it was a good idea. They all have blogs of course and continually change events and pictures and I am not sure that I have that much of interest in my life to keep that up. Why would I want to show pictures of my 5 grandchildren when the same pictures can most likely be found on their blogs.

We don't have all the excitement . . . so what am I going to talk about and what pictures will I show? Perhaps you will just have to keep checking back and see for yourself.

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Chelsea said...

Hurray for the blog! :) We will be anticipating these new posts you speak of!!! We love you!!!!! Chelsea and boys