Saturday, November 17, 2007

Very old but yet very new!

We had a picture session at the CHS photo department with Sterling Skousen. You see, I have a picture of me when I was "maybe a year old." What is so amazing is that I actually have the little yellow dress that I wore in that picture and also have the blue stuffed doggy sitting beside me. Yes, I know; a pretty old dress! I am not sure how I was lucky enough to have these because my mother was not a "keeper" of anything. Anyway, Sterling who is an amazing photographer and very good with small children took a picture of Tatum in the yellow dress sitting next to the blue doggy. What do you think?


Chelsea said...

I LOVE the picture of both of you!! I am dying to see her today!! I call DIBS on her!! :) So glad we are here finally!!!

Kristin & Nathan said...

I think you two could be twins. Very cute idea you had.