Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family fun in the snow

Gretchen rented a cabin in Payson for Cooper's birthday present and we all had a great time. Gretchen, Chandler, Cooper and I left Chandler around 1:00 so we could find the cabin and grocery shop before Chelsea, Stephen and Tatum arrived. They couldn't leave until after 5 when Stephen got off work. Alvin had to work on Saturday so he couldn't go at all and I felt really bad leaving him home but gosh I didn't want to miss the fun! But, it was so much fun on Saturday that I called Alvin at 4:15 and suggested that he might want to come up and have some fun too. To my surprise he said YES and was at our cabin by 7:00 that evening.

Saturday and Sunday we went to the gravel pits north of Payson for sledding down the hills. Saturday the snow was powder and on Sunday the snow was ice so we experienced different fun each day. We took so many pictures that it has been hard to choose which ones to show. Each one has a special touch! These are some of my favorite pictures.

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Stephen & Chelsea said...

What great pictures. We had so many to choose from and there were so many good ones too! We all had a great time and thanks so much Gretch!