Sunday, May 11, 2008

It is nice to be a mother . .

I want to thank my three children, Gretchen, Chelsea and Cody for being such good children and being so made my part as being your mother a treasure. You all have turned out to be wonderful adults and I commend you all for your accomplishments. I love you!

It is nice to be a grandmother too . . .

Thanks for letting me be part of their lives and I miss Carter and Cash not being with us all the time.

Here is a Mother's Day anecdote my own mother would of loved hearing.
Chandler on Friday had a Mother's Day Tea at school so when he and his mother came to pick Cooper and Tatum up at my house I assume Mother's Day was still on his mind. When they were walking out the door to leave this is was happend.

Chandler said, "Happy Mother's Day Nana."
I said, "Why thank you Chandler that is very nice of you."
Cooper automatically said, "Happy Mother's Day Nana."
I said, "Thank you so much Cooper."
and than 14 month old Tatum turned to me and said right at the perfect moment in her own gibber gabber with the right amount of syllables, "Happy Mother's Day Nana."

Now that is a story I will remember!

Stephen and Chelsea - you two are pretty special too. I love you both!


Stephen & Chelsea said...

Thanks Mom, I definetly couldn't be the mother that I am without your example and help that you are to me. You've help me out in so many ways I don't know how I could ever repay you.

I love you so much!

Chelsea said...

We love and miss you too!! Hope you had a nice day!! What a cute story about the kids wishing you a happy mother's day!