Sunday, June 8, 2008

It's Official!

My title, "Forty Years on the right PACE!" was yesterday. Yes, married for a big whopping forty years. I am not the one that usually forgets things - I always remember birthdays, special things that are happening to someone so basically anything needing to be remembered I remember. I first wrote "worth remembering" but that certainly a bad choice of a word because an anniversary should always be remembered. So, I guess you figured out by now that I forgot our anniversary. Alvin came home from work around 2:30 carrying a wrapped bouquet of flowers and it still didn't come to me what they were for. A thought came to my mind that they were for somebody else he needed to buy flowers for or maybe somebody else was sending me flowers for some unknown reason and he met the delivery boy outside the house. Can you believe my stupidity! Oh, forgot not suppose to use that word says Cooper!

We have always done something special for our anniversary weather it would be going out of town for the weekend, going to Dbacks games but always doing something. This time the Dbacks were out of town playing so we went to a game several weeks ago and that was memtioned it would be for our anniversary but I still knew we would do something on the day. We did actually, Alvin's mother called middle of week and wanted to know what we were doing Saturday night and I said nothing. She invited us out for hamburgers and defnitely not an anniversary dinner. She forgot too and she always gives us a card and $20.00 so we can celebrate. No card or cash last night from her! An exciting anniversary evening spent with his mother, brother and sister-in-law.

So, obviously I will never live this big memory loss down and Alvin is going to never let it be forgotten that I did. The exciting thing is we have been together for a long time. Twenty-seven years in the home we live in now with many memories to cherish and three great children, a special son in-law and daughter in-law and of course the most loveable five grandchildren. Thanks Alvin - you have provided for us well - I love you!

(p.s. - yes Alvin, one of these years we will take that cruise)

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Chelsea said...

Happy Anniversary to you two!! You are the best at remembering everything. That is too funny you forgot your own day! We love you guys!!