Thursday, January 15, 2009

My New Knee

It has been a month today that I had my knee replacement! I didn't feel like talking about it much until lately so I picked "the one month" as the debut of my scared knee. (an ugly not so straight scar at that.)

Yes I know - it looks a little R-rated. SORRY! I did not take a before picture - I should have but anyone that saw it thought it pretty gross. Tatum would not have anything to do with me for several weeks. She is finally liking me again.

The month started out not so bad. The first week was rather easy and then the pain hit. I was pretty miserable the 2nd and 3rd week with the ice machine for pain and swelling, 127 vicodin tablets, the walker to get around which I hated because it was scratching my wood floor, the restless uncomfortable nights, not wanting to read, knit or do anything, and the physical therapy two days a week for one hour each.

Things starting to get better the 4th week! Alvin went back to work and it was actually nice to be alone. I continued to have occasional swelling and pain but I dealt with it.

Today, being the start of the 5th week I no longer need the pain pills and I still use the cane I started using the end of the 2nd week. I feel like an old lady using it and my SIL reminded me that I really am just that. (maybe she is but not me) I still limit my activity and need to take a trip to the mall to return a few things but I know I just can't do that for now. I have hired a cleaning lady, started watching the kids on Friday again, continue twice a week physical therapy and just today reached my goal of 128 for my "range of motion", and I rest a lot. I have even read a book so I figure a couple more weeks I will be as good as gold.

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