Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Saturday

Today it rained hard most of day in Chandler. Today was the day we had planned to go to a park for our Easter celebration. We do like rain here in Arizona but not on the day you have something planned. Jimmy Ruth (my sister) has a new park down the road from where she lives so she planned "an Easter picnic at the park". This would have been the first time we went somewhere outside of a home for our family celebrations! It rained, so we gathered at her home instead and had a great afternoon. It was actually sunny after lunch so the kids had fun playing outside with hula hoopes, hitting baseballs, throwing frisbees, climbing trees, riding scooters, swinging, hunting easter eggs, holding babies, relaxing and exploring Uncle John's back yard full of horses and cows. A fun treat for all the city grown kids.

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