Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My buddy has gone to school . . .

Cooper has been my buddy since I started watching him around the age of 6 months when his mother started teaching on a part-time basis. Yesterday he went to kindergarten at the age of five. He seems very excited to go to school along with his big brother Chandler, a second grader, and also his mom who teaches 6th grade Science at the same school. I look back and cherish the time we spent together. Such a caring grandson that always had respect for his Nana.

I am glad he is growing up but I miss his little body sitting on the right side of the chair arm every day he was here. I will miss making pancakes every morning even when somedays he wasn't even hungry, wipping his allergy nose, rubbing lotion on his dry itchie legs, watching endless episodes of Sponge Bob, and driving him back and forth to preschool for two years. The pizza man will probably wonder why he quit delivering a medium pepperoni to our home every Friday. But, I am glad you are growing up healthy and happy too so have fun in school Cooper!

Alvin started his 40th year of teaching at Chandler High School. This is suppose to be his last year. I hope so - he needs to quit working so hard and just work part-time for the community college. That would give him just enough to do where he would have some free time for himself.

Gretchen finally closed on her home purchase two weeks ago. She has been busy cleaning and painting and hopes to move in the next two weeks. Defnitely an exciting time for her right now.

The Snesko family has a new puppy named Winston. He is suppose to grow up and be a mate to Sophie so puppies can be eventually born. He is a very pretty unusual brown color.

Happy school year to everybody!

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