Sunday, March 11, 2012

Birthday celebrations

Alvin came up with the idea to do something special for each grandchild's birthday and it was decided to take them out to eat at a place of their choice and to shop for a birthday present. This would be just Alvin, birthday child and myself.

So, Cooper had the first birthday and we went for pizza at Florendino's. This is obviously Cooper's favorite place for the breadsticks that he always orders. Then it was his choice to go to Target and he went up and down the isles many times and finally decided on a wii game. And, I guess that was enough fun for one night with his grandparents so he wanted to go home. Obviously to play his new game. (sorry no pictures Cooper)

Tatum picked the Butterfly Exhibit at the Desert Botantical Gardens. This would be the 3rd year we have done this and obviously has made an impression on Tatum to choose this as her birthday celebration. Unfortunately it was a colder morning than usual and not many of the butterfies were out flying around. We saw only a few but I still think she had some fun.

We walked around the gardens for a while and she was interested in a few things that we saw.

We left the gardens and went to Chic-fil-A for lunch and then to Target to pick out a gift. We had a great day with Tatum and thanks Pa for taking the whole day off from work.

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