Thursday, April 24, 2014

Our trip to Milwaukee!

It is the time of the year for the annual Ceramics convention held in a different city each year. Now that is pretty nice since you see different parts of the United States that you probably would never see. We have been to places like Baltimore, Houston, San Antonio, Tampa Bay, Las Vegas, Flagstaff and others.  I wasn't so excited to visit the city of Milwaukee this year because of the severe cold weather they were having. We arrived and it was windy and only 23 degrees. It did warm up daily and by the time we left six days later it was in the 40's.

 This first few days before the convention started Alvin and I of course visited museums and galleries and took in a few sites of the town. It is actually a very pretty downtown and Lake Michigan was breathtaking.

 I wanted to see the Milwaukee Brewers ball field. It was out of the downtown area sitting by itself with a parking lot full of ugly dirty snow. But, the stadium was lovely.

When the conference starts I never see Alvin until time for him to go to bed at night so Gretchen always arrives and we check out the area. We drove an hour away to Oshkosh to go to the American Girl Outlet Store but it was not worth the drive. I always like traveling outside of the city because you really see what the state is like. In this case, not so exciting. Because of their harsh winter this year we saw nothing but frozen over ponds and dead grass fields. I would of liked to have seen some dairy cows and the big barns.

Having seen all of Milwaukee I cared to see we took an hour drive to check out Chicago and I am glad we did. We did not do anything but just drive down Michigan Avenue where all the shopping is. The streets were packed. Of course we checked out Wrigley Field the home of the Chicago Cubs and that was cool. We ended the day with a recommended pizza place for the deep dish Chicago style pizza. It was yummy. We will definitely return to Chicago for a longer visit in the future.

Next year we head to Providence, Road Island. Now that is city we are all looking forward to see.

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