Monday, October 1, 2007


Hea! We went to the celebration rally held at the Tempe Marketplace for the Arizona Diamondbacks. If some of you aren't into baseball they won the National League West Division and play Wednesday night, October 1 against the Chicago Cubs. It was a fun night with lots of noise, "anybody - anytime" red t-shirts, and a huge crowd! We have tickets for the game Wednesday night before we head out to NY on Thursday morning. Fun time ahead!


Cody said...

If anyone would have asked me 10-15 years ago if my Mom would be a diehard sports fan I would have laughed at the idea. I guess it is not all that suprising as Mama was a diehard Cowboys fan. It must run in the Hamilton blood!

Cheer them on for me Mom!

Love Ya!

Chelsea said...

That looks like quite the party! I am so excited for you guys to go to NY!! Hope you guys don't freeze!

Jana said...

Cody - you just might be surprised at what your father and I will be doing in the years to come. Actually, everyone was surprised and just about choaked on Sunday dinner when I announced we were going to the rally. Love ya, Mom

Chelsea said...

Tonights the big night! Good luck to you and your team!! And happy New York Eve!! Travel safe!!!! :)