Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Loved New York City!

We are back and today I did nothing but empty the suit cases and the laundry. No grocery shopping so that means no dinner. Anyway, It was loads of fun and lots of good memories. The weather was a little too warm - in the high 80's and we all wanted "crisp and cool" and most of us packed the wrong cloths so we went and bought a few cooler tops to wear.

Tatum was a perfect angel the whole time. The plane ride back home last evening was her first fussy time; maybe she didn't want to come home either. Alvin enjoyed the art museums and galleries and other than Friday night ventured out on his own to do "his thing." This morning he said he could of spent 3 or 4 more days and I agree. I could of stayed longer but that is the way it seems whenever I go anywhere lately; it never is long enough.

My favorite part of the trip was the open air bus ride that took us on a 2 1/2 hour "night" tour of the city. The lights and signs on the buildings were awesome and a lot to take in. Here are some of my favorite pictures of the trip.


Cody said...

Ihave to say I am green with envy! That sounds like a trip everyone needs to take at least once in their lifetime. Tatum was precious as Dad said and I am glad you and the girls were able to have Girl Time together. You get boy time in a week! :)

That Hershey's bar looks like it would prove to tempting for me and I would try and eat the whole thing if it came in dark chocalte. Heck if my fingers came in dark chocolate I think they would be in some serious danger!

I love ya Mom and cannot wait for Orlando. Give Dad a big hug and kiss for me and tell him I love him.


Cody said...

That looked amazing! I love the picture of you 4 girls. You all look so pretty. :)
I am a bit envious too! But we get you next week. And aparantley I am a boy according to Cody's comment. :) And yes...he would eat himself if he were chocolate!
Tatum girl is getting so big! She is so pretty. I loved her and the dolls. She is a true girl with that most excited look to see the other babies! Give her a squeeze from me!

Chelsea said...

that was me earlier today! I realized I was in Cody's profile all morning. Woops!