Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas Card Tradition

Sending Christmas cards to family and friends have been a top priority with me in my Christmas preparation. I started sending out a card with a picture when Gretchen was 1 year old. There hasn't been too many years it didn't happen and the last many years it has defnitely been a must. We added Stephen first to the family picture and than Chelsea so that made 7. A good enough amount; but now we have added Chandler, Cooper, Carter, Cash and Tatum so last year I booted the big kids out and now only Alvin and I and the grandkids get to adorn my annual Christmas card. Do you know how hard it is to get 5 kids under five to all look good at one time for that special picture? Gretchen suggested we get everybody dressed up again and try one more time. I said no; the one I choose is just perfect. You will have to be on my Christmas list to see my perfect picture.


Chelsea said...

Oh boy! I am nervous for what one you pick!! Sorry my kids were AWFUL!! it was just Cash, but still. He was not happy to be there. Next year we won't wake him up for the pics!!
And might I add that I have LOVED being booted out!! No one wants to see us anyways! It's all about the kids! :)

Stephen & Chelsea said...

You did good mom. Everyone looks great and the outfits are adorable!