Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I love Christmas!

Christmas is over! Is everyone happy? Not me!!! I am always a little sad every year to see the holiday season end and this year not a bit different; Alvin and I have enjoyed the whole month of December. I don't know why; maybe the colder weather has helped and the interactions with the little boys have been fun. Cooper loves to sing the Christmas songs and knows the words or at least the correct tune to many different ones. Cash has the cuttest smile whenever you talk to him. Carter so tender and caring for us all. Chandler being the oldest and going to school until 2:30 everyday seems so grown up anymore and I miss not being able to do things with him. Alvin has been especially happy and cheery this season too and that has been the best.

Thanks everybody for a great Christmas. Sorry the Snesko's were under the weather a bit of the time and glad Cody and Chelsea have been able to spend a good portion of the week with us.

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Chelsea said...

Thank you for a very merry christmas! It was a fun few days of lots to do! I need to get copies of those pics since our camera was dead. I have a total of 3 pictures of Christmas! :)