Saturday, February 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Tatum!

Tatum turned two years old today. She had a party with Nana, Pa, Gretchie, PaPa John, Kristen, Nathan, Mom, Dad, and brothers Chandler and Cooper. We ate Cinderella cake and ice cream. Lots of fun and Tatum was so excited and loved opening her presents.

Coco a little doggy- the most favorite present and so excited with the cuttest facial expression when she saw what the present was but of course didn't get the picture moment.

She likes to "primp" so received a hair dryer and curling iron to use on her vanity table a present from Nana and Pa. Also liked her pink jewelry box from Grandma and PaPa John.

Nathan reading Tatum's favorite story.

A big hug for "pa"!

Happy Birthday Princess!

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