Friday, May 15, 2009

Cooper's Graduation!

Cooper graduated from preschool this morning. The final day of his two years at "Ray of Light Preschool".

I asked him if he was going to miss school and he said "no - but I will miss Mrs. Bond." Mrs. Bond was also his teacher part of time last year so he has been with her for quite a bit and she was very good with the kids. In the classroom the helper was Mrs. McNaughton and she was fun too!

His special friends the last two years have been the twins Clare and Bridget, Nick, Andrew and Viet.

They also had a program on Wednesday evening to sing songs they had learned throughout the year. Didn't get many good pictures because of sitting too far away for flash.

After the singing was over Cooper and Tatum could't wait for the cookies.

Final goodbye with hugs from the twins.

Lucky for Clare they will be in the same school next year!

Pa treated with ice cream afterwards!

Another FUN night with family!

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