Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Alvin worked in the yard until Stephen and Chelsea and kids came over around 2:30 to swim. I know you all probably have seen enough water pictures but here are some new ones you have to see. First you might notice the backyard looks different than the previous post. Alvin did some major trimming on the bushes around the pool. He actually found a hummingbird nest in our grapefruit tree. Yes, the nest is actually on a hanging grapefruit.

What is with all that poop! Hummingbirds are too small for all that don't you think?

This was suppose to be a water wheel as you can see. However, it didn't move so well so the toy turned into something altogether different.

YES - those last two pictures is ALVIN! We couldn't believe it when he jumped on the wheel not once but twice.

This is a water fight between Chandler, Stephen and Pa. Please don't get my windows wet!!!

I promise - no more swim pictures for a while!

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