Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Busy . .

The month of March was traveling and buying new stuff for my new bedroom. We needed a new mattress badly and after having a queen size bed for our entire marriage we decided to get a king mattress so that meant a whole new bedroom. Alvin had no idea what a new mattress shopping spree would bring. First, he would not look at any other mattress but a "sleep number" so there we were at the Chandler Mall lying on these mattresses to find "that" right number. Alvin is a 45 and I am a 35 if you really are curious to know.

So, I when on a hunt for the new bedroom set and I fell in love with a platform bed. That meant that Alvin could not get the sleep number mattress that raises up like a hospital bed that he so badly wanted. What a shame that he can't stay up late hours reading or watching tv!!!!!! But, I might add that the sleep number bed is marvelous and the extra room is beyond great. Alvin is rather short for a guy but he has very broad shoulders that usually used more than his share of a queen size bed. In the king I can put my arm out and don't even touch him. Yea, I know - those of you that have had king beds forever think I am crazy. Our son-in-law said that people that have larger beds have higher divorce rates. I can totally understand why!

It is a bummer that Alvin only gets one week off for spring break since being employed with the college. We traveled to Gig Harbor to visit Cody, Chelsea, Carter, and Cash. It wasn't the best trip because of the circumstances happing in their home but it was good to be there for a short time. The end of March we flew to Tampa, Florida for a National Education Ceramic Arts conference. The first days were tornado alert weather which meant heavy rains and winds obviously but when it cleared up it was nice. We both like Florida.

It is April - Alvin is busy with the hiring process of hiring a "tech". Now he knows why it took him 10 weeks to get his job. What a lengthy process by having to follow the rules when hiring. He has finally settled in with his new position and finding time for himself a little bit which is nice. Right now he really is enjoying life and that makes it nicer for me too!!!!!

Oh, by the way if you can't tell I really do love birds and it is so nice to have that as a popular decorating theme this year.

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