Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tatum's Front Tooth

Tatum has been wanting to spend the night so this past Friday she did. Stephen and Chelsea brought her around 5 o'clock. Alvin and I had a late lunch so we were not hungry so she had mac and cheese for her dinner. That was OK cause she loves mac and cheese. Of course she had to also have some ice cream.

We started talking about her loose front tooth. It has gotten pretty crooked from being so loose. She said a friend ate a carrot and her tooth came out. I said, "do you want to try that?" She said she did and that didn't work cause she didn't really bite right down on the tooth. So, she suggested an apple. That was the same result. So, finally she just used a tissue and pulled it out. She was pretty excited. I was a little apprehensive because I thought her mom would rather have her loose her first front tooth at their own home and I also knew the tooth fairy would have to visit too. But, I got over that quick enough!

  Pretty gross with all that blood! Of course the bed head, money and tooth itself was the morning excitement. I guess the tooth fairy left her tooth so she could show her mom and dad. I understand the next night she got more money and the tooth was gone. What a tooth fairy - he can't keep houses straight!

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