Monday, April 14, 2008

Fun fort, or boat, or plane, or whatever!

I went to the toy store the other day to purchase a basketball setup for Chandler's birthday and also purchased this. It was on the half price isle and it looked like fun for "Nana's patio."
Now, I am not sure I would of paid full price for it but it defnitely caught my eye and the sale price made it OK. It is a fun thing according to Chandler and Cooper. Easy to put together and fun to build whatever your imagination desires. The only bad thing about it is that it pops loose if too much action but easily goes back in place. If you have roudy boys maybe not for you!

We all thought Carter and Cash would like it too for their yard so we sent you one today. Watch your front door boys!

Can't forget the pretty patio picture of Tatum and her dolly. Isn't she pretty?

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Stephen & Chelsea said...

tatum and Chandler both are looking older. Boy does time fly by. I think the boys really liked the fort and the two boys both played all night long with the basketball hoop. Thanks Nana you're the best!!