Friday, April 25, 2008

Where is that door?

I love "screen door weather" and I expect that is the reason why I refuse to turn my refrigeration on when the inside of the house is probably hotter than the outside. (yes, Chelsea?) Of course this year it has been more windy than usual so I have had to deal with inside dust but I don't care! My screen doors are called "phantom screens". Every grandchild has run into these screens more than once thinking they have a free access to the outdoors. Look at Chandler when he was not even one yet . . .
and Tatum, barely past one years old, enjoying my pretty flowers.
Probably it will reach 100 degrees soon so my open doors will close until maybe October. At least everyone will be more comfortable anyway!

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Stephen & Chelsea said...

THANK GOODNESS SHE FINALLY CRANKED ON THE AIR!!! IT'S ONLY 98 DEGREES OUTSIDE. I know it's hard to turn on the old AC when it's only April but come on now, mine's been on for at least 3 weeks now.