Friday, April 4, 2008

Meet Kiwi!

Peach has a new friend; except they don't like each other! Alvin's aid from the college had a bird she wanted to give away so guess who raised her hand to take it? Yes, me of course. He is a ring necked parakeete and as you can see a much larger bird than Peach who is a lovebird. The kids named him Kiwi and that fits with Peach's name! I like it. Kiwi is supppose to be a good talker but hasn't said anything recognizable yet but we will work on that. He is friendly even thought he bit Gretchen's lip when she tried to kiss him the first day we had him. We have only had him for three days and he gets more friendly each day. I like the noice he makes - a very pleasant sound.

Welcome to our family Kiwi!

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Chelsea said...

What a cute bird! The boys love it too! I told Carter it's name is kiwi and he got excited because he loves kiwi! Hope Gretchie's lip is okay!